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  Certified General Accountant

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Denise J Quarry, Certified General Accountant

The public accounting practice of Denise J Quarry, CGA, located in the Town of Gibsons, British Columbia was established in 1992.  Denise Quarry adheres to the Code of Ethics of both the Certified General Accountants Association of British Columbia and the Certified General Accountants Association of Canada, in which she has been a member since 1977.

In 2004, the Canadian federal government enacted The Personal Information Protection and Electronics Distribution Act (PIPEDA), a personal privacy law that affects all Canadians and the way they do business.  PIPEDA was created to ensure that the basic right to privacy of all Canadians is upheld.   PIPEDA covers personal information about an identifiable individual, regardless of how the information was collected and exists.

PIPEDA significantly impacts the way Denise J Quarry, CGA does business with her clients, employees and third party agents; ensuring compliance with legislation, the security of client information, communicating these requirements to clients and staff, and in determining compliance by those to whom personal information is provided and the handling of information requests.

In preparing tax returns and financial statements certain basic personal information is required.  This data is collected and recorded and where necessary, provided to Government Agencies and Banking Authorities (as approved by clients) who must also be in compliance with PIPEDA.  The types of information collected are:  addresses, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, dates and places of birth, relationships with others, contact numbers, credit card numbers with dates of expiry, and other detailed financial information to assist in business and income tax planning strategies.  The information collected by Denise J Quarry, CGA is solely for the purpose of completing required engagements agreed to in writing with clients.  

To have personal information on file is useful, convenient and required when planning for clients' accounting and income tax needs.  The Act indicates that this personal information does not have to be re-collected each time financial related documents are prepared on behalf of clients, subject to an identified Privacy Policy and client consent to store this information.  In compliance with PIPEDA, possession of personal information must be secure and, if required, must be demonstrated to be secure.

Denise J Quarry, CGA has always been aware of the importance of protecting the privacy of clients and uses information handling practices that are consistent with the highest business standards and best practices of the accounting profession.   In compliance with the 10 Privacy Principles of PIPEDA, the following guidelines are established for the collection and use of all client personal information provided.

Denise J Quarry, CGA understands and appreciates the importance of client privacy.  Earning and maintaining client trust is a permanent and ongoing endeavour and taken very seriously.

Denise J Quarry, CGA will gather and use personal information to advise or provide clients with additional services in which an interest has been indicated, or where it is believed clients will be interested.  Providing personal information is a matter of choice and such information is recorded and used with client’s consent.

Simply stated, Denise J Quarry, CGA:

  • will not collect personally identifiable information such as your name, e-mail and mailing address and telephone number or other personal information, etc., without your knowledge and permission.
  • will not disclose your Personal Information to third parties unless you have authorized us to do so, or we are required to do so by law.
  • will, upon request, arrange and allow you to view correct or remove your Personal Information and other information associated with your client profile.
  • will take reasonable steps to protect the security of the Personal Information collected from you.

The 10 Privacy Principles that all businesses in Canada must now follow are:

  1. Accountability
  2. Identifying Purposes
  3. Consent
  4. Limiting collection
  5. Limiting use, disclosure, and retention
  6. Accuracy
  7. Safeguards
  8. Openness
  9. Individual access
  10. Challenging compliance

Principle 1 Accountability

Denise J Quarry, CGA is responsible for maintaining and protecting all client information under her control and ensures compliance with the 10 Privacy Principles. Z

Principle 2 Identifying Purposes

Denise J Quarry, CGA will limit information collected to the minimum required to satisfy the client request and to deliver excellent service.  The requirement and purpose for which information is collected, used, or disclosed shall be identified at or before the time information is collected, used or disclosed.  Z

Principle 3 Consent

Client's knowledge and consent (express or implied) is required for the collection, use or disclosure of personal information except where required or permitted by law.  Z

Principle 4 Limiting Collection

Any information collected will be limited to those details necessary for fulfilling requests.  Information is only collected and distributed by fair and lawful means. Z

Principle 5 Limiting Use, Disclosure and Retention

Denise J Quarry, CGA will only use or disclose personal information for the purpose for which it is collected, unless provided with consent to do otherwise, or when it is required by law. Z

Principle 6 Accuracy

Denise J Quarry, CGA is committed to maintain personal information as accurately, completely and as up-to-date as possible, as is necessary for the purpose for which it was collected. Z

Principle 7 Safeguarding Customer Information

Denise J Quarry, CGA is committed to protecting clients' personal information with all the safeguards reasonably available and appropriate and consistent with the sensitivity of that information.  Electronic files are kept in a highly secured environment with restricted access; paper based files are stored in filing cabinets located in secured premises; and access to the premises is secured by a monitored alarm system.  Z

Principle 8 Openness

Denise J Quarry, CGA will answer all questions about privacy policies, procedures, safeguards, and management of personal information, etc. in a format as understandable as possible.  Z

Principle 9 Client Access

Upon written request and within a reasonable time, Denise J Quarry, CGA will provide details of the existence, use and disclosure of personal information and will provide access to that information except where the law requires denied access.  An explanation will be provided if unable to meet the request.   Where some inquiries may entail a charge, an estimate for cost details will be provided in advance.  Z

Principle 10 Challenging Compliance

Denise J Quarry, CGA will handle promptly all questions about compliance with the privacy policy and will consider all suggestions for improvement. Z

Denise J Quarry, CGA prepared this detailed Privacy Policy because she believes clients should know as much as possible about her practice so that informed decisions can be made about the use of her services and facilities.

If more information is required, or to review the Act, or for an explanation of each of the responsibilities associated with the 10 Privacy Principles, please visit: